Connected Car: 50 Prozent der Nutzer sind verbunden mit dem Internet

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Eine Studie zeigt, dass sich 50% der Fahrer im Fahrzeug mit dem Internet verbinden, zumindest in den USA.

More than half of respondents to the survey own a car that connects to the internet – either direct or via phone, while two-thirds said they would switch to a different entertainment service if that service was readily available in their new vehicle.

Other key findings of the survey included:

More than half of respondents have a 2014 or newer vehicle
80 percent are happy with the technology currently available in their car
Two out of three respondents would switch from their current entertainment service provider of choice to one that was included with their vehicle
Streaming music services are gaining on FM radio with 33 percent of consumers preferring streaming versus 37 percent who still choose FM radio – primarily for convenience over content
Eighty-eight percent of consumers value new technology in their vehicles
One out of five new car shoppers would walk away from a potential new purchase that featured everything they wanted in a car (price, brand, design, power, MPG, etc.) if it didn’t have the latest connected technology included

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