Analytics: BMW’s Investitionen in Artifical Intelligence nehmen zu

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Sehr spannendes Interview über die zunehmenden Investitionen von BMW in Artificial Intelligence.

When evaluating how to invest in AI companies, the fund essentially sees two categories of AI relevant companies. The first category is general purpose AI companies, which are companies with interesting AI technology that can suit multiple needs and circumstances, whether relevant specifically to the automotive industry or not. These general focus AI companies are good investments because they solve general challenges faced by most companies looking to address AI needs and also enable the capabilities required by domain-specific solutions. These offerings are focused on adaptable technology that conforms to various AI needs.
The second category of AI investments are applied AI companies, which are companies providing industry- or domain-specific AI solutions relevant to specific application needs. Applied AI companies are some of the most diverse investment opportunities and can provide significant returns because they already know the problem that they are going to work on solving and have a focused market. Some of these solutions are focused on the automotive and transportation industry while others are focused on aspects of insurance or finance. Other domain-specific AI companies are applying their solutions to identify instances of fraud or simplifying processes that can be handled by software or hardware robots.

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