Analytics: Data Science, was ist das eigentlich und wie macht man das richtig?

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Heute mal ein interessanter Beitrag zum Thema Data Science, darunter können sich viele noch nichts vorstellen. Also, was ist das genau und wie geht man das an? Der Artikel erklärt jeden einzelnen Schritt. Top!

It’s true: Data Science is not a single discipline, but a craft at the intersection of many. So in order to appreciate how the seemingly disparate puzzle pieces fit together, I present to you a story. It’s called “The Data Science Process”, and it has six parts:

Frame the problem: who are you helping? what do they need?
Collect raw data: what data is available? which parts are useful?
Process the data: what do the variables actually mean? what cleaning is required?
Explore the data: what patterns exist? are they significant?
Perform in-depth analysis: how can the past inform the future? to what degree?
Communicate results: why do the numbers matter? what should be done differently?

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