Analytics: Die Zukunft des autonomen Fahrens liegt laut Tesla in Deep Learning


Statt LiDar und HD Maps will Tesla auf Deep Learning und Artificial Intelligence setzen. Die nächste Wette von Elon Musk.

Tesla believes that its production vehicles already have enough sensing technology and on-board computer systems to drive themselves, safely and reliably. The company plans to release a software update by the end of the year which will allow its cars to go into fully autonomous mode.
It is presumed that Tesla will seek to achieve this by employing artificial intelligence software based around a neural network.
One major snag in this plan however is how governments in the world will respond to the world’s first fully autonomous vehicle. Another question is how insurance companies will proceed.
The European Union recently released “An Ethics Guideline for Trustworthy A.I”. This document contains some key information which could drastically impact companies like Tesla, especially if they are seeking to employ neural networks in place of things like LiDAR.

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