Analytics: Finnland stellt kostenlosen Lehrgang zu Artificial Intelligence zur Verfügung

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Finnland hat der EU ein Geschenk gemacht: einen kostenlosen Lehrgang über Artificial Intelligence. Es gibt immer was zu lernen, das hier werde ich mir definitiv anschauen!

Strictly speaking, it’s a present for the European Union. Finland is relinquishing the EU’s rotating presidency at the end of the year, and decided to translate its course into every EU language as a gift to citizens. But there aren’t any geographical restrictions as to who can take the course, so really it’s to the world’s benefit.

The course certainly proved itself in Finland, with more than 1 percent of the Nordic nation’s 5.5 million citizens signing up. The course, named Elements of AI, is currently available in English, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, and German.

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