Analytics: Funktioniert nicht ohne datengetriebene Unternehmenskultur

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Sehr interessanter Beitrag darüber, warum Analytics ohne eine datengetriebene Kultur in Unternehmen nicht funktionieren wird. Na, wer fühlt sich ertappt?

Another important and continuing issue is the slow speed with which these established firms make the shift to a data-driven culture. Virtually all respondents (99%) say their firms are trying to move in that direction, but only about one-third have succeeded at this objective. This gap appears every year in the surveys, and the level of success hasn’t improved much over time. Clearly firms need more-concerted programs to achieve data-related cultural change. Many startups have created data-driven cultures from their beginning, which is a key reason why large, established firms fear disruption from them.
One of the approaches that firms have established to deal with data-driven disruption and change is to establish new management roles. However, there is still a lack of clarity about how different data-oriented roles (chief information officer, chief data officer, chief digital officer, chief analytics officer, etc.) relate to each other.
With respect to the chief data officer role, there is substantial disagreement about the major responsibilities of the role and what types of backgrounds are appropriate for CDO jobs. Thirty-nine percent say their CDO has primary responsibility for data strategy and results, but 37% assign that responsibility to other C-level executives, and 24% say there is no single point of accountability for it. In terms of backgrounds, 34% of respondents believe the CDO should be a change agent from outside the company, while 32% believe the person should be a company veteran from inside the firm. Role clarity in senior data-related roles is critical for both leading AI/big data projects and accomplishing cultural change. And while all respondents believed it important, the majority of firms still lack an enterprise data strategy.

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