Analytics: Volkswagen’s Sicht auf Quantencomputing

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Sehr interessanter Beitrag über die Sicht von Volkswagen auf das Thema Quantencomputing.

“We see huge potential for quantum computers to help us in four key areas,” explains Neukart. “Firstly, solve time critical optimization problems like traffic flow, logistics, or tool distribution within production.”“A second area we are exploring is machine learning. Is there a part of the ML algorithm that we can take and run on a quantum chip that will deliver us either faster or more accurate results? Or can we even find new algorithms that don’t really have a classical counterpart?” “Thirdly, simulation is an area of real interest, doing electronic structure calculations to understand the physical structure of molecules. These are very difficult to simulate classically, but with a quantum computer, once we have a stable, critical number of qubits, we will be able to. Last but certainly not least, is information security. What if someone steals data from us today, and then in 10 years is able to decrypt it with a quantum computer. We have to ready ourselves for that possibility now by thinking about quantum secure infrastructure.”

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