Analytics: Welche Daten sammelt Tesla?

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Interessanter Artikel über die Daten, die ein Tesla erzeugt und die Tesla auch sammelt.

But Tesla collects more information than most.

It knows your speed, your mileage, and where and when you charge the battery.
It also monitors airbag deployments, braking and acceleration, which helps in accident investigations.
And it knows when Autopilot, Tesla's assisted-driving feature, is engaged or disengaged, and whether you have your hands on the wheel as you should.

Teslas are constantly in record mode, using cameras and other sensors to log every detail about what they encounter while driving, even when Autopilot is turned off.

This includes short video clips from the car’s external cameras to learn how to recognize lane lines, street signs and traffic light positions.
Tesla says the video snippets are not linked to the car's vehicle identification number, and there is no way to search its database for clips associated with a specific car.
But with 500,000 vehicles on the road globally, information collected by one vehicle can easily be shared with others.
This "fleet learning" capability is an advantage that Tesla CEO Elon Musk says will help the company develop self-driving cars faster.

"Every time the customers drive the car, they're training the systems to be better. I'm just not sure how anyone competes with that.”

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