Analytics: Wie freizügig sind Kunden bei Lokationsdaten?


Interessanter Artikel über die Bereitschaft von Europäern die GPS-Daten ihres Smartphones freizügig zu teilen, die ihres Autos jedoch nicht.

Almost our entire sample—96%—said they are aware that their smartphone captures personal data.

Of those who say that their smartphone captures some or all of their data:
Fully 90% know that location data is captured
73% know that their personal details are captured
21% see this level of data collection providing a window into their sensitive lifestyle preferences.

When asked whether they allow such data to be shared with online services and apps, about three-quarters of respondents say they allow “anonymous” data such as location to be collected.

… Yet Their Openness Does Not Always Translate to Car Data
However, when asked about sharing data from their cars, less than two-thirds of our European respondents (60% overall) are willing to share “anonymized” car data. This is considerably lower than the number willing to share similar data with online services or smartphone app developers.
One important factor may be awareness: 41% of our respondents did not know that data from cars can be shared with OEMs until they started taking our survey. This is quite surprising.
When it comes to sharing aggregate data for specific applications based on car data, just over half of European consumers say they are willing. This includes applications that provide significant benefits to those consumers, such as real-time traffic flow optimization and accurate maps.

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