Analytics: Wie skaliert man diese?

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Wie skaliert man Analytics? Sehr interessanter Beitrag dazu heute von McKinsey.

To get the most from their analytics investments, organizations need to plug analytics into the critical strategic areas of the company, which are typically those that cut across business functions, such as customer experience.
One large US company did not learn this lesson until three years into its analytics journey. It had hired large numbers of data scientists and launched more than 50 pilot projects to test new capabilities. While the company had success in some areas, not one of those pilots was successfully scaled across the company. Its analytics team was working on an island, with no connection to cross-functional business strategy, and, as a result, produced limited impact.
Adopting analytics across all lines of business and functions requires a clear, coordinated strategy and focused investment.
Driver #1: Obtaining a strong, unified commitment from all levels of management
Companies in the breakaway group are twice as likely as their peers to report that their leadership team is completely aligned on an analytics vision and strategy (Exhibit 2). Within these companies, senior leadership has set the clear goal of integrating analytics not just into certain business units and functions but across all operations. As a result, breakaway companies are 3.5 times more likely than their peers to be applying analytics to three or more functional areas.

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