App: Den Porsche Taycan in Virtual Reality erleben

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Taycan VR Experience“ nennt sich die Anwendung, mit der Kunden den neuen Porsche über eine Virtual Reality-Brille aus nächster Nähe erleben und sogar unter der Karosserie betrachten können.

The user can trace the contours of the new model wearing the goggles, experiencing the typical Porsche styling for themselves. The Taycan’s aerodynamics are simulated with a superimposed air flow which can be controlled by the user. The highlights are discovering the car in detail, inside and out, and customising the paint finish.
“The Taycan is the beginning of a new era at Porsche – and it is only appropriate that we have created a modern digital application so that our electric sports car can be experienced virtually,” says Robert Ader, Head of Customer Relations at Porsche. “The information needs of our customers in the dealerships are enormous – we can now meet these needs with the VR Experience even before the physical market launch.”

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