Apps: Das ist die beliebteste Owner’s App


Interessante Studie von J.D. Power über die „Owner’s Apps“ der verschiedenen Hersteller. Lesenswert!

According to the study, the top-performing EV mobile apps are Kia Access, FordPass, Porsche Connect, myChevrolet, and MyHyundai.

Tesla, the U.S. leader in EV sales, ranks sixth in the study. Tesla’s app has not changed significantly for many years, and other manufacturers are offering apps with greater functionality. However, Tesla’s app is resonating well with the brand’s owners and, in terms of speed for remote control functions, the app still proves to be the industry’s benchmark.
Following are key findings of the 2021 study:
App usage is significantly higher among EV owners: A notable 41% of EV owners say they use their brand’s mobile app more than half the time or every time they drive. Only 19% of ICE owners say they use their brand’s app more than half the time or every time they drive.
Dedicated EV apps lack functionality: While the scope of features is high with most apps, in some cases, EV owners experience less functionality than apps used by ICE owners. Evaluators noted that both Mazda and Volkswagen removed app functions from their EV apps that were present in their ICE apps.
Many app executions still overwhelm owners: Manufacturers must remember that while EV owners seek new technology, much of it is still new to most owners. It is key for those apps boasting more features and functionality to show a good usability including an intuitive layout and structure. Also, as many new owners have no experience with electrical units in relation to driving range or the advantages of charging during off-peak hours, it is important to put things in terms that they can understand.
Willingness to pay for app features remains low: EV owners are even less willing to pay for using a manufacturer’s mobile app than ICE owners. However, owners who say they’re highly satisfied with their app are more likely to consider paying.

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