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Porsche hat eine neue Augmented Reality App veröffentlicht, mit der man dem Porsche Taycan unter das Blechkleid schauen kann (zumindest wenn man ein iPhone 12 Pro besitzt). Sehr interessant!

The Taycan AR Event App has been created to enable content creators to shoot and publish augmented reality content that delves beneath the skin of the all-electric sports car. With it, users can show, using live-action video and audio, the depth of engineering detail, technical features and charging infrastructure that make the Taycan so special.

The Taycan AR Event App didn’t start out as a tool for content creators, though. “Originally, we wanted something that would give people a more interactive way to see under the skin of the Taycan electric sports car at our launch events,” says Miro Demel, Manager Event Communication at Porsche. “There’s a lot of fascinating engineering that goes into creating an electric sports car and we wanted a way to show it in a compelling, efficient and cost-effective way. In the past, you would have had to use a bare ‘skateboard’ chassis to show these sorts of features – basically the car with the bodywork and interior stripped away. But that is a costly thing to do. A team of engineers have to make it by hand, you can only build one of them and it is very fragile. And because you have to ship it to each location it is not a particularly sustainable way of doing things. With this you can show a lot more of the engineering detail of the car, in a much more flexible and interactive way. And you can do it at every single launch event.”

Porsche Taycan Augmented Reality App

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