Apps: So entwickelt Daimler


Sehr interessante Einsichten in die App-Entwicklung bei Mercedes-Benz und wie man eine App entwickelt, die die Kunden „lieben“.

How do you evaluate which features should go live on an iPhone app and which ones on Apple watch? Do you have a prioritization process in place?
It is another complex process, of course. We always need to foresee what is the most important feature for the user. Therefore, the priority is the user- and customer-centric approach in our work. Our teams always try their best to provide Android and iOS users with everything, so we do not differentiate these two platforms. However, there are a few features, which work better on Google home or Apple watch, for example. That is why, we always analyze it based on user research of the Customer study team, evaluating the relevance of the feature and passing it to the Product owner team.
What are the most used features of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle companion app?
There are a lot of features that depend on a region and customer’s needs. For example, in the snowy regions, such as Canada or several states in the USA, the feature of the remote start of the engine and preheating of the car is the most relevant for many users. Just imagine, your car is fully covered by snow and you want to find it, so you can remotely start your engine and say “preheat the car” and then you can drive it comfortably.
Another user case is a remote lock of the car. It’s a really common situation when people go out and forget to lock their cars. In those cases, they receive a notification like “I noticed that it has been already 15 minutes that you are away and the car is unlocked, so do you plan to come back soon or should the car be locked right now?”. One single action can lock your car and you can be sure of it. Of course, there are only a few user cases among many others that have different market and time specifics in their features.


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