Artifical Intelligence: Revolution für die Fahrzeugentwicklung!

Sehr spannender Artikel hier warum Artificial Intelligence die Entwicklung von Fahrzeugen radikal verändern wird. Vorbei sind die Zeiten von 4-7 Jahren Entwicklungszyklus für ein neues Modell!

Even if it will take some time for fully autonomous vehicles to hit the market, AI is already transforming the inside of a car. Front-facing cameras can identify people in the vehicle and track the driver’s eye position to see whether he is falling asleep or distracted — and even read the driver’s lips. Sensors and cameras outside the car work with interior technology to enhance safety. For example, the car warns audibly that there is “cross traffic danger” if another vehicle is about to run a red light. It can also say things like “Careful! There is a motorcycle approaching the center lane!” to alert the driver in case he or she wants to do a lane change. “There’s going to be a whole host of guardian angel-type features even if we’re not fully self-driving,” Shapiro said.

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