Artificial Intelligence: 5 Wege zur Steigerung des Marketingerfolges

Mit Artificial Intelligence könnt Ihr Euren Marketingerfolg steigern. Ich zeige Euch 5 Wege!

  1. With AI, marketers get new insights into how simple factors such as the weather, the seasons or social events, influence consumer buying habits, offering real and dynamic insights that can be incorporated into marketing plans.
  2. AI supports automation by adjusting bids according to a company’s interests and objectives, automatically and in real time. It also allows companies to target specific segments with personalized ads, in this way, all the marketing efforts go to the right audiences.
  3. With AI, companies can adjust product prices automatically through algorithms that analyze inventory and demand, increase their ROI and get the most of their business.
  4. AI allows organizations to generate content immediately by using structured data to create reports, articles and announcements, all tailored to the needs and interests of their audiences.
  5. AI can also be used to improve web design and optimize sites to be more user-friendly and attractive to a company’s target clients.

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