Artificial Intelligence: Die Zukunft der Automobilindustrie

Warum Artificial Intelligence für die Zukunft der Automobilindustrie so wichtig ist, lest ihr in diesem Artikel.

Sedric, the Volkswagen Group’s self-driving concept car, drives home how advances in artificial intelligence promise to transform both the automotive industry and the passenger experience.
The car, which has no steering wheel, gas pedal or customary cockpit controls, will have a life of its own: It can drive the children to school and then take the parents to their offices, look independently for a parking space and collect the dry cleaning — all at the touch of a button, with voice control or with a smartphone app. It promises to do all of this “automatically, reliably and safely.” Don’t think of it as a car but as part of a “mobility experience” that VW Group will make available in the future. The button that acts as the car’s remote control is expected to be part of a universal mobility ID that will operate worldwide. So, while people can choose to own their own Sedric, they could also use the button on the same remote control to summon Sedrics that are part of a VW Group autonomous shared mobility fleet — at any time, at virtually any location. Such self-driving cars are expected to drastically reduce accidents, transform the face of our cities and reduce the environmental impact of mobility.

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