Autonomes Fahren: 4 Arten wie sich unser tägliches Leben ändern wird

Interessante Prognose hier wie sich unser Alltag im Jahre 2021 durch autonomes Fahren ändern wird.

1. You won't care so much about brands.

That 73 percent stat shows that it's anyone's game. If you can deliver a product and keep people both safe and connected in their cars, you can compete with the big names.

Business Insider Intelligence predicts 381 million internet-connected cars will be on road by 2020. There were 36 million in 2015. The same report forecast revenue from connected products to reach $8.1 trillion between 2015 and 2020.

2. Everything you can order from home via a digital assistant, you will order from your car.

Because of that connectedness, you can use your car as you do your smart house. Tell Alexa what you want from Amazon from behind the wheel, and eventually, from the passenger seat while the car does the driving. BMW has this feature now, but all cars are going that way, so that soon, automotive consumers will be consumers of every single market while in their cars.

3. You will manage your own energy consumption.

Because cars are going not just autonomous but electric, batteries will be your own units of energy that you will manage in a kind of personal energy portfolio.

With it, you can integrate your energy management between home, office, and transportation, planning the charge you need to send your car (on its own) to where it needs to go to manage your business, and where it might need to stop to charge, all from one integrated dashboard.

4. Cities will be quieter, cleaner, and greener, with charging infrastructure that presents innovation possibilities

Without drivers circling to find parking, the BMW Group estimates that traffic in urban areas with be cut by about 30 percent. That means an easier commute.

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