Autonomes Fahren: Apple bekommt Patent für selbstlernendes Navigationssystem


Apple hat ein neues Patent eingereicht, dass sich mit einem lernenden Navigationssystem für das Autonome Fahren beschäftigt.

As described in the patent application, Apple's nav system is unsurprisingly based in the cloud, with route plans that can use uploaded data from one autonomous vehicle to develop and refine the route that other AVs will then follow. An AV would be able to operate "independently of any data received from any devices external to the vehicle," but when it is connected to the cloud (or a "navigation monitoring system external to the vehicle," in the words of the patent application), the route would be improved over what the AV itself is able to calculate.In the patent application, Apple says that other systems that enable autonomous vehicle navigation "can be less than ideal," and that its new system instead could reduce the cost and time needed to deal with changes to conditions along a given route. This "route evaluation module" could receive sensor data, process it to update the on-board nav data and then provide a potentially better route for the AV to follow. In other words, an Apple self-driving car would get smarter as it moves down the road.

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