Autonomes Fahren: Apple wirbt Ex-Autopilot Ingenieur von Tesla ab


Apple hat anscheinend einen Ex-Tesla-Ingenieur abgeworben, der am sog. Autopiloten mitentwickelt hat. Spannend!

Sources close to the matter told Bloomberg that Apple scooped up Christopher “CJ” Moore to work on its self-driving software. He’ll report to Stuart Bowers, another Tesla ex-pat who previously served as the vice president of engineering.
During his time at Tesla, Moore stirred up controversy for calling CEO Elon Musk’s “full self-driving” claims exaggerated. In January, Musk stated that he was “highly confident the car will be able to drive itself with reliability in excess of human this year.” The full self-driving software, currently in beta, does not make a Tesla vehicle fully autonomous, as a driver must keep control of the vehicle at all times.

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