Autonomes Fahren: Audi denkt über eine Leasing-Flatrate nach!

Äußerst interessantes Interview hier mit Ricky Hudi über die Ideen einer Leasing-Flatrate für Audi’s autonome Fahrzeuge.

2025AD: If we look ten years ahead: how will automated driving change our mobility?

Hudi: My personal vision is that in 10 to 15 years, car manufacturers will offer premium flat rates. For, let’s say, 1,500 Euros a month I will be able to use every vehicle of Audi’s product range. I will simply summon the cars with my smartphone. At the Sunday breakfast table, I will check my schedule for the week. Maybe I would like a Q5 to drive to work on weekdays. On Wednesday evening I have a business dinner, so why not take an A6? And on the weekend I want to go on a trip with my family so I order a Q7. The car picks me up at my home just in time, fully autonomously, fully electric and fully charged. At the office, I leave the car before it parks itself. The car is always there when I need it and it leaves when I don’t need it.

2025AD: If OEMs become providers of such flat rate models, doesn’t this fundamentally alter the self-perception of this traditional industry?

Hudi: Indeed. But in the future it will be a key success driver to build a high-grade product system around our high-grade core product. Again, Apple is a good example: its devices are of high quality and easy to operate. But what would an iPhone be without iTunes or the App Store?

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