Autonomes Fahren: Bereits ein Fahrzeug reduziert die Staugefahr um 50%

Sehr spannende Studie hier zum Einfluß von autonomen Fahrzeugen auf den Verkehrsfluß.

In demonstrating a phantom traffic jam where cars drive in a circular motion in order to simulate the impact of a lone car slowing down on a road full of traffic, one car pumps its brakes for no reason, and all the cars behind it are forced to slow down. The University of Illinois research, managed by Daniel Work, demonstrates that introducing just a single autonomous car into one of these circular traffic simulations can reduce the effects of the phantom traffic jam.

The research results show that an autonomous vehicle controlling its speed wisely when a phantom jam starts to occur can make it possible to lower the amount of braking performed further back down the line. The existence of a single autonomous vehicle lowers the standard deviation in speed of all the cars in the jam by about 50 percent, and the number of sharp hits to the brakes is reduced from nine per vehicle for every kilometer traveled to a maximum of 2.5.

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