Autonomes Fahren: China blockiert ausländische Firmen zur Kartenerfassung

Vielleicht nicht wirklich überraschend, aber China hindert ausländische Firmen daran, ihr Straßennetz kartographisch zu erfassen.

Self-driving cars need high-quality digital maps to function properly. They not only use digital maps to find their general location, but also in some cases to locate landmarks that aid maneuvering in low-viability situations, or when a GPS link isn't available. Consequently, accruing map data has become a major priority for automakers and tech companies. But the world's largest new-car market is throwing up a major roadblock to these efforts.

The Chinese government is blocking foreign companies from mapping its roads in great detail, according to a Financial Times report. The restrictions, which reportedly do not apply to Chinese firms, are being instituted in the name of national security. China is concerned about spying.

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