Autonomes Fahren: Daimler skaliert Robotertaxis zurück


Weitgehend unbeobachtet bisher scheinen die Effizienzmaßnahmen bei Daimler auch den Ausstieg oder mindestens eine Reduktion der Investitionen bei den Robotertaxis zu umfassen.

At a press conference Thursday, Daimler CEO Ola Kaellenius declared that they were doing a “reality check” on robotaxis and will be “scaling back” or “rightsizing” their effort in this space, preferring to focus on commercial vehicles and long haul trucking. Reuters reports that makiing the cars 100% safe in crowded urban areas is proving to be a bigger challenge than their engineers had assumed, and that it would tie up a lot of capital for unknown earnings. Most other engineers would say that of course it’s a bigger challenge than initially assumed – that’s how super hard challenges work, you don’t know all the problems you must solve when you attack the problem. Other companies like Waymo, Cruise, Zoox and even Ford are still pursuing a mostly-robotaxi strategy.

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