Autonomes Fahren: Das ist der Cruise Origin von General Motors


GM's Cruise hat sein elektrisches, autonomes Shuttle vorgestellt. Spannend!

Cruise doesn’t want to sell you an autonomous car, just rent you a seat in one, and the Cruise Origin is the self-driving electric vehicle it believes will coax drivers out from behind the steering wheel. Handiwork of Cruise, General Motors, and Honda, the Origin is no hopeful concept, the trio insists, but an actual production vehicle that will soon be plying the roads. While GM and Honda may have made their fortunes on the idea of selling – or at least leasing – cars and trucks to individuals and companies, Cruise’s concept is very different. Origin will be owned by Cruise, and operated as a ride-hailing service. You’ll summon one of the pods via the Cruise app, available 24/7. There are some strong financial arguments for that, Cruise argues. In San Francisco for example – where the company has been running a fleet of prototypes for several years now, covering almost a million miles collectively over the past twelve months alone – Cruise estimates that the average person could save $5,000 per year using Origin, rather than having their own car or using traditional ride-sharing services.

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