Autonomes Fahren: Das Lenkrad der Zukunft wird nur mit dem Finger bedient!

Autonome Fahrzeuge bieten die Chance althergebrachte Designkonzepte komplett zu überdenken. Warum also nicht das Lenkrad nur mit einem Finger bedienen?

How do you drive a self-driving car? Why would you drive a self-driving car? It’s a paradox. When a robot takes the wheel, the human driver becomes inherently secondary–so much so that Google was the first of many more companies to remove the wheel in self-driving cars altogether. In Google’s mind, it was always a matter of safety, because if people believe a robot driver could take over at any moment, they won’t drive as carefully.

But maybe there’s a halfway controller–not a wheel, but something to give the driver of tomorrow a feeling of influence over the direction of their own vehicle, if not full control.

Scribble is just that. A prototype built by master’s student Felix Ros, it’s a one-fingered haptic controller that sits by your gear shift (coincidentally, the same spot MAP Project Office designed its own future car controller for, too).
Like a joystick for your index finger, you can “draw” your way through traffic, telling the car to change lanes around a slow driver, a sudden onslaught of potholes, or a road worker. The car doesn’t respond immediately like a steering wheel, but it queues the plan into its navigation, to be executed safely with the flow of traffic. In the meantime, a screen shows your drawing amidst a real-time display of the vehicles around you, so you know your car is listening to you–the master and commander of pavement.


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