Autonomes Fahren: Die Unterhaltungsindustrie hat schon konkrete Pläne

Was macht ihr eigentlich mit der neu gewonnenen Zeit dank autonom fahrender Fahrzeuge? Nun, die Unterhaltungsindustrie hat da schon konkrete Pläne.

Intel and Warner Bros. recently announced a partnership to do just that. Referring to the autonomous vehicle (AV) as a new type of “consumer space,” Intel’s CEO writes that “the rise of the AV industry will create one of the greatest expansions of consumer time available for entertainment we’ve seen in a long time.”

With the average American spending more than 300 hours per year behind the wheel, entertainment execs hope that time can now be spent consuming content rather than driving. The Hollywood Reporter notes that some analysts predict that in-car streaming entertainment could result in as much as $200 billion per year in extra revenue. “Can the windshield be the movie screen of tomorrow?” asked Ted Schilowitz of Paramount Pictures.

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