Autonomes Fahren: Einblick in Daimler’s Strategie zum Autonomen Fahren

Spannende Einblicke heute in die Strategie von Daimler zum Autonomen Fahren und wie sie die Kunden überzeugen wollen.

SXSW is the expression of shifting priorities. Even Jens Thiemer, VP Marketing of Mercedes, thinks that the car itself will become less important once autonomous driving has prevailed. He doesn’t believe that by then, anyone will still be interested in new features of an E-Class or S-Class. “But today, some people still prefer booking business or first class although they don’t reach their destination faster. Just like that there will still be people in the future who prefer an autonomous Mercedes over another vehicle,” Thiemer said, seemingly already convinced. “The experience, the entertainment, the comfort we offer to the customers will make the difference.” This is why carmakers like Mercedes are courting content providers in Austin. They will be key to advancing connectivity for the day when a driver no longer has to drive.

Be it highway or urban centers – in Austin they are so convinced of self-driving cars that they are already envisioning flying cabs without pilots. “The autonomous car is not our craziest idea,” said Stark while showing images of Volocopter, a self-flying electric helicopter company Daimler bought into last year. “After the robocab on the ground comes the autonomous drone.” Stark is convinced that the future has already begun: “We have already completed our first test flights.”

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