Autonomes Fahren: Ford-Patent zeigt Gamifizierung im Fahrzeug

Ford will beim Autonomen Fahren auch auf Gamifizierung setzen.

The company recently obtained a US patent for two driving modes that would use a touchscreen device to steer an otherwise autonomous vehicle once you receive permission. The first mode, as Autoblog pointed out, would mimic the tilt-to-steer mechanic from games like Real Racing 3 -- your device's accelerometer and gyroscope would guide the front wheels. It'd be intuitive, if a little disconcerting when it would involve a ton of real metal hurtling down the road.

The second mode wouldn't be quite so involved. Instead, you'd use your finger to turn an on-screen steering wheel.

In both cases, you wouldn't necessarily have full control of the car. The vehicle would control acceleration, braking or both, leaving you to decide where it's going. This could be helpful if you're trying to force a lane change or drive through a private area the car didn't recognize.

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