Autonomes Fahren: General Motors beantragt Blockchain-Patent

General Motors hat ein Patent zum Datenmanagement von autonomen Fahrzeugen mit Hilfe der Blockchain eingereicht.

GM’s application, first filed May 25, 2017, outlines a system for using blockchain to provide “secure” and “robust” data distribution and interoperable exchange between multiple automated vehicles and other entities, such as municipalities, regional authorities, and public facilities.

While autonomous vehicles in particular require “high degrees of integrity” for “temporal event data,” the application emphasizes that a blockchain system is “desirable” for semi-autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles as well.

As the filing outlines, blockchain “accomplishes [the] feat” of “enabling a distributed consensus of trust where all transactions can be verified in the future by participants of the blockchain exchange without compromising privacy.”

The patent proposes that a blockchain system can be used for information sharing in regard to a range of practical needs, resources, and legal records. These include route navigation, availability of charging and refueling services, determining the validity of permits and licenses for vehicles operating as “hacks, taxis, or other for-hire services,” as well as “maintaining balances for [...] charges related to tolls, parking, car washes, and access to other fee based services.”

By way of caution, the document advises that it would be best “to implement a blockchain exchange to push only approved, vetted, and secure, location based information to the occupants of an autonomous vehicle.”

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