Autonomes Fahren: Gespräch zwischen Dr. Herbert Diess und Prof. Amnon Shashua von Mobileye


Sehr spannendes Video mit einem Gespräch zwischen Dr. Herbert Diess und Prof. Amnon Shashua von Mobileye über den Einsatz der REM-Technologie von Mobileye für das autonome Fahren bei Volkswagen. Volkswagen nutzt hierbei die erzeugten Schwarmdaten aus den VW ID.-Modellen. Anschauen!

We have access to one of the world’s largest fleets, holding the potential for enormous added value through its swarm data intelligence.

We have been collecting this valuable data together with Mobileye since 2020 – on some 1.2 Billion kilometers of roads globally.

Our new software update, coming in Spring, will use this data to enhance the comfort & safety of our ADAS features like the Travel Assist. For example, early lane keeping/lane centering technology was limited to well-marked roadways such as highways.

Mobileye’s REM maps will enable our cars to bring that function to rural roads, urban areas and unmarked roadways. The data will eventually enable solving bigger problems that ADAS can’t solve yet – running traffic lights or failing to yield to pedestrians for example.

The enhanced software features will be available soon in new Group EV models based on the MEB platform.

It makes us the first carmaker to globally apply Mobileye’s mapping data. On a software test drive with Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua, we agreed that VW and Mobileye share a vision for safer roads – and work collaboratively towards it.


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