Autonomes Fahren: Innenraum-Design lässt neue Geschäftsmodelle entstehen

Interessanter Artikel darüber, wie das Innenraum-Design von autonomen Fahrzeugen neue Geschäftsmodelle entstehen lässt.

The check-in vehicle
“In the near term, say 2022 to 2025, we will see opportunities for all kinds of partnerships – for instance between an airline and a rental car company. Imagine you are not only booking a flight, but also the transport directly to your gate. You will get a notification on your smartphone regarding when your driverless car will pick you up. The vehicle could look very similar to some of the microbus concepts from Volkswagen. However, it would be completely configured for the purposes of the airline.

When you open the trunk and put your bags in, you will automatically check-in your bag. Owned by the airline, the car will be equipped to scan and label your bag. The cabin is TSA-approved meaning the identification process, as well as the body scan, can take place in the car. When you get out of the car at the airport, you will therefore already be security cleared and ready to depart. These new partnerships enable all sorts of streamlined processes that we haven’t seen before.”

The driving restaurant
“Domino’s pizza has already installed built-in pizza ovens in all of their conventional cars. This marks the beginning of a completely new business model. Now we will see OEMs develop modular platforms where companies can request driverless cars customized to their needs.

Experience style restaurants could be promising concepts. Imagine this: An autonomous vehicle picks up you and your date. The dinner then takes place inside the car as you cruise along the coast. An exclusive experience – but also fairly inexpensive as the vehicle could be used for other purposes during the day. A more democratized version would be that the meal is prepared in advance, then served in the car before heading off. In a higher-end version, the chef could actually prepare the meal right in front of you. Here, you would obviously need specific air conditioning and storage areas for the food.

These restaurant models are dependent on technology that has not yet become the focus of carmakers. For a standing type of environment, there is a lot of stabilization needed. Once it will be technologically possible to isolate your platform from the movement around you then these scenarios will become reality.”

The trip is the appointment
“You will be able to go to the tailor, see the doctor, meet your accountant – without visiting that person anymore. They will show up where you are and take you where you need to go. If you are driving home after work, you could use that time to take care of your finances or see your dentist. If your trip is 45 minutes to an hour, there will be plenty of time to get things done. In an autonomous car, you can have complete privacy with your doctor or your accountant inside the vehicle. They are not paid to drive, they are professionals that use the space as their office – with the additional benefit of taking you to your destination.

Dynamic scheduling – which is already used by ride-hailing services like Uber – will keep a doctor completely busy during the day, while you will no longer have to wait in a waiting room. Also consider the increasing role of telepresence in health care. Imagine a car that is equipped with everything that is needed for a reliable teleconference as well as certain medical equipment: you could visit your doctor and he wouldn’t even need to physically be there.”

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