Autonomes Fahren: Inrix zeigt Konzept für digitale Verkehrsschilder


Spannendes Konzept „Road Rules“ von Inrix, um digital Verkehrsregeln festzulegen.

“Cities were looking for a platform that is actually open,” Avery Ash, head of Inrix’s autonomous mobility division, told TechCrunch recently. “This keeps the control in the hands of the city to be able to manage, update and distribute the data that they are validating — and then it can be easily shareable.”
This shareable open component part is based on the National Association of City Transportation Official’s SharedStreets project, which has created a global referencing system. This means that the city, agency or company that is getting information out of Road Rules can easily snap it to whatever map they’re using.
Inrix has grand ambitions for Road Rules. Ash told TechCrunch the company is aiming to get 100 cities on the platform by the end of 2019. And here’s why cities might bite. There are companies that can provide cities with data. Inrix’s platform lets cities build this database on their own, control it and share it.
Building a database of road rules is still a massive undertaking by any city. Some of that process can be automated, although the information coming in would likely require validation from a city employee.

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