Autonomes Fahren: Mobileye bringt Robotertaxis nach Japan und Südostasien


Mobileye und WILLER kooperien beim Start eines Robotaxi-Services in Japan und anderen Märkten zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt.

Together, Mobileye and WILLER are seeking to commercialize self-driving taxis and autonomous on-demand shared shuttles in Japan, while leveraging each other’s strengths. Mobileye will supply autonomous vehicles integrating its self-driving system and WILLER will offer services adjusted to each region and user tastes, ensure regulatory framework, and provide mobility services and solutions for fleet operation companies.
The two companies aim to begin testing robotaxis on public roads in Japan in 2021, with plans to launch fully self-driving ride-hailing and ride-sharing mobility services in 2023, while exploring opportunities for similar services in Taiwan and other Southeast Asian markets.

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