Autonomes Fahren: Neues Material ermöglicht rollende Büros

Interessanter Beitrag über neue Materialien für den Fahrzeugbau, die neue Fahrzeugkonzepte ermöglichen.

A research paper from the University of Surrey, University of California, and Johns Hopkins University details a new material that’s as stiff as metal but protects against vibrations. It uses 3D woven textile composite sheets, so the insides of the material move while the exterior stays rigid. The article, titled “damping of selectively bonded 3D woven lattice materials,” was published in Scientific Reports.

“The idea of a composite the resolves the paradox of stiffness and damping was thought to be impossible — yet here we are,” lead author Stefan Szyniszewski, assistant professor of materials and structures at the University of Surrey, said in a statement. “This is an exciting development that could send shock waves through the car, train and aerospace manufacturing industries. This is a material that could make the vehicles of the near future more comfortable than ever before.”

It’s a big breakthrough, and one that could enable some of the more outlandish uses for autonomous cars. Jeffrey Tumlin, director of strategy at Nelson/Nygaard, told Inverse in November 2016 that he predicts Amazon and others sending out bookmobiles, or even autonomous Starbucks on wheels. Another concept from Audi at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show showed an autonomous gym, while artist Dominic Wilcox developed a bed on wheels that could take users to their destinations while they sleep.

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