Autonomes Fahren: Nissan arbeitet an Virtual Reality Avataren


Nissan arbeitet an Virtual Reality Avataren, um das Fahren auf langen Strecken nicht so einsam werden zu lassen.

During a demonstration to international media, two real people – Nissan experts – interacted via virtual reality technology with two real passengers – journalists – in a nearby Nissan van.

The users in the demonstration needed to wear large electronic goggles and held wands so the technology could follow their hand movements.

Nissan’s senior manager of the company’s mobility and artificial intelligence laboratory, Daisuke Saito, said: “Rather than getting information from a smart speaker (such as a navigation unit or via remote help such as General Motors’ OnStar service) maybe we can use artificial intelligence”.

He said the technology was being designed so that “we don’t have to (use) a real human to interact with the driver”.

However, an avatar could deliver some “emotional feeling” for car occupants who “want to share an experience together, looking at the same scenery, same data, while (driving) on the road”.

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