Autonomes Fahren: Neue Technologie erhöht Ansprüche an Automechaniker

Autonomes Fahren bedeutet auch neue und gestiegende Ansprüche an "Automechaniker".

It’s hard to predict when autonomous car startups will scale enough that new age maintenance technicians will be highly sought after. Joe Serbin, autonomous vehicles service manager for Strip District-based self-driving startup Argo AI, said the company is already ramping up for that demand, though.

“What [schools] need to do is make this new pipeline,” he said. “If in a year and a half the switch is turned on, the company needs technicians ready.”

These workers will be part computer program technician, part robotic technician and part traditional automobile technician rolled into one.

When Argo hires a technician, Mr. Serbin said, part of the interview process involves looking at the individual’s propensity for continuing education. As the vehicles evolve, so should their skillset.

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