Autonomes Fahren: Sind wir noch nicht bereit?

Interessanter Artikel hier, der die Frage stellt, ob wir schon bereit für autonomes Fahren sind. Was meint ihr?

The problem with putting a computer behind the wheel is not technology, but humans. There are more than 37 million vehicles licensed for Britain’s roads and they are driven by people. While computers might drive logically and follow the rules, people often don’t.

Driving on Britain’s congested roads often requires taking calculated risks, diving into a probably too small gap in traffic and expecting other drivers to make room, for example – often with a flash of lights or a rude gesture. Tests in the US have seen cars stranded as they won’t try this. Research has also revealed cases of driverless cars being “bullied” by pedestrians. Knowing the computer will slam on the brakes, they step out in front of them without worry.

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