Autonomes Fahren: So bringt LiDar Perspektive in die Daten


Sehr spannender Einblick in die LiDar-Technologie von NVIDIA und wie man mit dessen Hilfe Perspektive erzeugen kann. Video anschauen!

Lidar can give autonomous vehicles laser focus. By bouncing laser signals off the surrounding environment, these sensors can enable a self-driving car to construct a detailed and accurate 3D picture of what’s around it. However, traditional methods for processing lidar data pose significant challenges. These include limitations in the ability to detect and classify different types of objects, scenes and weather conditions, as well as limitations in performance and robustness. In this DRIVE Labs episode, we introduce our multi-view LidarNet deep neural network, which uses multiple perspectives, or views, of the scene around the car to overcome the traditional limitations of lidar-based processing.


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