Autonomes Fahren: So sieht das Robotaxi von Motional aus


Heute schauen wir uns einmal an, wie das Robotaxi von Motional auf Basis des Hyundai Ioniq 5 aussehen wird. Sehr interessant, must read!

If a passenger can’t get into the vehicle — perhaps their cell phone died, or someone called for the ride on their behalf — they can talk to a remote customer assistant by pressing an easily accessible button above the rear door handle.

The IONIQ 5 robotaxi won’t move until riders push a “start” button. The vehicle will first go through an automated safety check, using in-cabin sensors to detect the number of passengers and ensuring that doors are closed before the ride starts.

We know through our user research that autonomous vehicle passengers feel more comfortable when they understand why a driverless vehicle is making certain decisions during the ride. Motional’s robotaxis will have three high-resolution touch screens providing real-time ride information from ride-hail partners, such as a route map and estimated time of arrival.

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