Autonomes Fahren: So unterscheidet sich Tesla’s Strategie


Guter Überblick über Tesla's abweichende Strategie beim Autonomen Fahren und dem (Nicht-)Einsatz von LiDar.

In addition, Musk also sparked some lively debate when he commented that Tesla will not be relying on lidar, the laser sensor technology that self-driving cars from many other companies (most notably Google’s Waymo) currently depend on for “seeing” lines on the road, pedestrians, and more.
According to Ars Technica, autonomous vehicle (AV) industry experts continue to be at odds over which tech approach will ultimately prevail.
“They’re all going to dump lidar,” Elon Musk said after showcasing Tesla’s self-driving technology earlier this year. “Anyone relying on lidar is doomed.”
“Lidar is really a shortcut,” added Tesla’s Autopilot lead Andrej Karpathy. “It sidesteps the fundamental problems of visual recognition that is necessary for autonomy. It gives a false sense of progress, and is ultimately a crutch.”

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