Autonomes Fahren: So werden aus Bildern Daten


Sehr interessanter Beitrag darüber wie aus Kameras beim Autonomen Fahren Daten werden, die dann ausgewertet werden können. Must see!

So to corral all this information, Cruise — through a hackathon event — created an open-source data visualization platform called Webviz. Other autonomous vehicle companies offer different aspects of the self-driving process, like Baidu's Apollo open-source autonomous driving platform. Now Cruise is opening up its application for anyone who works with robotics.

With Webviz, engineers can understand the autonomous vehicle data and analyze what the cars are doing out in the streets and help decide how the cars should drive or approach different situations. Even though there are robo-car specific aspects, Cruise says anyone in the robotics community can use the program.
So someone who works with a delivery bot or a humanoid mimicking human movement can plug in data inputs from their cameras and sensors and lay it out and visualize it for further analysis and interpretation, just like autonomous vehicle teams do.

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