Connected Car: Tesla arbeitet an eigenen Karten


Tesla arbeitet anscheinend an der Erstellung eigener Karten basierend auf ihren GPS- und Autodaten.

Elon Musk said that Tesla’s Smart Summon feature will be changing. Moving forward, Tesla will use GPS points from data generated via the company’s fleet of cars that have already been at a specific location. Musk confirmed this while responding to a tweet directed to him by the @thirdrowtesla podcast.
What this means is that the automaker is already gathering enough data to be able to create its own maps (or a routing engine) that will help in navigating parking or private spaces — resulting in a smoother Smart Summon experience for Tesla owners. Tesla currently uses Google Maps as the base. Then, the Silicon Valley automaker will  „pinpoint“ specific locations of interests. The navigation data and routing engine are provided by another software company, MapBox, which has been working on these projects for about a decade now.

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