Autonomes Fahren: Tesla kann nicht ohne China skalieren


Braucht das autonome Fahren China zur Skalierung? Das sagt zumindest Elon Musk.

But Tesla claims that since its timeline from development to production is only six months, there are no other countries that can deliver defect-free parts on such a short timescale.

Tesla was unable to source manufacturing for Autopilot 3.0 ECU in the United States,” a filing from the company reads. “We turned to industry experts who could achieve this quality and complexity in addition to the deadlines, which was not possible outside of China.”

Quanta Computer’s Shanghai location, where Tesla is manufacturing the parts, isn’t solely responsible for the technology, TechCrunch notes. One of the chips that speeds up the AI processes on the Autopilot 3.0 hardware is made by Samsung in Texas, for example.

These parts are crucially important to the future that Musk envisions for Tesla. He said last month that his cars would be “appreciating assets,” meaning they would become more valuable over time, due to enhancements of the self-driving software being updated on the Autopilot 3.0 hardware.

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