Autonomes Fahren: Tesla spricht mit Samsung über neuen Chip


Tesla spricht anscheinend mit Samsung über die Entwicklung der nächsten Generation des Chips für „Full Self-Driving“. Spannend!

The new chip is expected to first launch in the Tesla Cybertruck next year.

Back in 2016, Tesla announced that all its vehicles going forward will be produced with all the hardware necessary to achieve full self-driving capability with future software updates.
It turned out that Tesla was wrong about that.
The Nvidia computer that powered its original self-driving hardware suite didn’t have enough computing power, and the automaker ended up upgrading the computer twice.
The latest iteration, called the FSD Computer, is powered by a chip of Tesla’s own design and produced by Samsung.
Tesla clearly stated that they believe this new computer is going to be enough to deliver full self-driving capability with future software updates.
However, the automaker made it clear that they wouldn’t sit on that capacity and they have been developing the next generation of their chip.

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