Autonomes Fahren: Tesla veröffentlicht neues Patent zur schnellen Übermittlung von Notfallinformationen


Tesla hat ein neues Patent für die schnelle Übermittlung von Notfallinformationen angemeldet.

A recently published Tesla patent application titled “Autonomous Driving System Emergency Signaling” describes a method of quickly communicating emergency information from vehicle sensors feeding into autonomous driving software. The new communication method will improve Autopilot’s response in emergency situations, thereby reducing the probability of accidents.

Tesla’s invention takes latency in data transmission into account as an area of improvement. In general, critical information can get stuck waiting to be processed by a computer after non-critical information that’s ahead of it. Under Tesla’s US Patent Application No. 2019/0138018, critical emergency situations detected by sensors are moved to the front of the line for priority processing and response. T

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