Autonomes Fahren: Toyota kauft Startup Renovo


Toyota bzw. deren Tochter Woven Holdings hat das Startup Renovo übernommen, das sich mit dem Autonomen Fahren beschäftigt. Spannend!

Renovo, which is based in Silicon Valley, makes operating systems that integrate all the software needed to run fleets of autonomous vehicles. Founded by Chris Heiser and Jason Stinson in 2010, Renovo has been involved in a number of interesting automotive projects over the years. There was the Renovo Coupe, a $529,000 electric supercar with 1,000 pound-feet of torque and a 0–60 time of 3.4 seconds, or its project to convert a DeLorean with an electric powertrain and then do autonomous donuts with it.
More recently, Renovo built an AV system that monitors not only driver attention but also passenger and pedestrian facial expressions for a better understanding of their emotions inside and outside the vehicle. The company worked with an AI startup called Affectiva to integrate this technology into its fleet of test vehicles.
Renovo aspired to be the Amazon Web Services of self-driving cars. Its operating system, called AWare, enables autonomous vehicles to handle enormous amounts of sensor data. Renovo has also worked with Samsung to help test, develop, and deploy the smartphone giant’s self-driving cars.

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