Autonomes Fahren: Volkswagen nimmt Roboshuttle-Testfahrten in München und Freising auf


Die fünf Prototypen des ID Buzz AD, die Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Argo AI und Moia nun in München zu Testzwecken auf die Straßen schicken, werden sicher Blicke auf sich ziehen.

Starting today, prototypes of the Volkswagen #IDBUZZAD can be seen on the streets of Munich and Freising in Germany for the first time. Together with Argo AI and MOIA, #VolkswagenCommercialVehicles is developing self-driving, fully electric shuttles that are designed for the autonomous and safe transportation of passengers in large cities as of 2025. For this purpose, the vehicles are equipped with a so-called self-driving system (SDS) – a combination of lidar, radar and camera systems that provides the data for autonomous driving.

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