Autonomes Fahren: Warum 5G-Mobilfunknetzwerke nicht ausreichen werden!

Interessanter Artikel hier warum die nächste Generation der Mobilfunknetze (5G) für das autonome Fahren nicht ausreichend sind. Wie sind da die Pläne der Mobilfunkprovider?

Shuttling around town with autonomous-compatible infrastructure could be done in the next two decades, McKenzie said. But intercity travel is complicated by vast dead zones where you can’t even get a cell signal, let alone count on your car to not drive you off a cliff.

The problem is, huge parts of the world have terrible cell and internet coverage and it’s uncertain whether the 4G cellular network’s successor, 5G, will be enough to power the self-driving industry. That means CAV makers might have to get creative in proposing new and potentially revolutionary networking solutions, like mesh networking.

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