Autonomes Fahren: Warum Kalifornien nicht als Mekka taugt!

Viele Tests für das autonome Fahren finden aktuell in Kalifornien statt. Warum das ein Fehler ist, erklärt dieser Artikel.

There are now 45 companies testing self-driving vehicles on Californian soil, mostly in the Bay Area—a place known for having T-shirt weather nine months out of the year.

But how much can we ever expect the general public to buy into self-driving cars if they haven’t trudged through rain, slush and snow?

Fred Tung, a computer-vision researcher in British Columbia, drove around Vancouver on a rainy night to try and find out.

Tung didn’t have an autonomous car at his disposal; rather, he used a dashcam to record his drive. Then he returned to the lab to figure out how well the 720p camera was able to detect objects in low-visibility settings.

The answer: Not well.

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